Lawn and Yard Services

Lawn Maintenance

Includes weekly mowing, edging, blowing of all hard surfaces and water management. We take great pride in our work and consider it a challenge to make your lawn the greenest on the street.

*All pruning, sprinkler repair, or other services require additional assessment and fees, full service options are available. We reserve the right to use discretion whether the lawn should be mowed each week. Certain conditions such as cold, frosted, or excessively wet lawn combined with mowing will damage the lawn. Rain or shine - you'll receive a weekly service call.

Complete Yard Cleanups

We consider yard clean-ups a very broad term. Sometimes you might have a bunch of junk that just needs to find a home at the dump. Other times your plants and trees might have taken over and need to be removed or perhaps just need a good thorough pruning. During the winter months storm damage can uproot trees, destroy fences, and send leaves and other debris everywhere. In either case we can take care of it for you. Yard clean-ups are separate from maintenance and require an on-site evaluation.

Tree & Shrub Care

We don't just care about your lawn we want your entire property to look great. There are many reasons plants don't produce or look as great as they should. We can prune, treat, adjust water, or move plants to fix most problems.

Pruning & Hedge Trimming

Not everyone can prune by hand and produce great results. If we don’t know how a specific tree, shrub, hedge, or vine is supposed to be trimmed we won’t touch it until we do. We consider pruning an Art not just a method to clean-up a mess. Like things more natural or do you prefer formal topiary? It’s about shaping, and grooming plants to produce the best results. There are a few cases where we fire up the gas hedge trimmer but we prefer to prune by hand. Contact us for an estimate and check out our pictures below.

Bark Installation

There are great benefits to having a thick fresh layer of quality bark in your gardens. Bark helps keep weeds from rearing their ugly heads, keeps moisture in the ground at root level where it's needed, and looks great! But, buyer beware! Did you know some barks can poison your pets? Some are made from hardwoods and can actually cause more harm than good to your plants? Contact us for an estimate and we’d be happy to give you a hand making the right decision for your application.

Sprinkler System Repair

Whether it's a broken nozzle, head, valve, pipe or timer we got you covered. Emergency Service Available.

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